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by Cindy Wood on November 19th, 2016

Zumba is a fun, sassy, sweaty way to get some cardio, relaxation, dance and mind to body coordination in. You end up smiling, even laughing at yourself as you learn to just let yourself go. No need to feel self conscious, really...there is absolutely no judging allowed!! Adjust your moves to suit your ability and stamina level. This is great for the brain too as you challenge it to remember the moves while you get your groove on. Men and women of a wide variety of ages 20 to 60 something participate. The music entices you to move, to sway, and play...we dare ya to try to stay still...betcha can't! It's a part of your membership so come on give it a try!

by Kaitlyn Howard on June 1st, 2016

Ageless Strength- Tuesday's at 9 a.m.
Join us to learn the fundamentals of fitness and strength for beginners, to help you build muscle, and feel confident in your daily living activities

by Kaitlyn Howard on April 21st, 2016

Lunch Crunch with Keri & Caitlin

   Are you a busy career professional, parent, or individual that has a hard time fitting exercise into your jam packed schedule? Well this 45 minute class was designed specifically for YOU!

   Use that lunch break to burn stubborn calories and trim all your trouble zones by utilizing high intensity intervals of training, led by fitness professionals Keri and Caitlin, that will provide maximal results in a minimal amount of time. This fun and upbeat instructor led session every Tuesday & Thursday at 12:15p.m. will keep your body guessing and your mind entertained; allowing you to unplug from daily stress that consumes you and channel it into a metabolism boosting fat burning workouts.

   Staying glued to your seat most of the day shuts off enzymes in you muscles that are responsible for fat burning. So grab your gym bag and come check out this new fitness craze and be ready to make exercise FUN again!

Every Tuesday and Thursday at 12:15p.m.
Non Member Class Drop In: $10


by Kaitlyn Howard on January 26th, 2016

Taught by: Keri Usry

   Are you ready to finally cut fat and shock your body with results? This 8 week camp will take your body to new fitness levels with a high intensity mix of weight training, core/abdominal workouts, cardio circuits and surprise sessions including kickboxing, obstacle courses and much more. Your getKUT camp will also provide detailed nutritional guidance and track progress towards individual goals. If you are in need of new motivation for 2016 and a fun safe environment to maximize it in, SIGN UP NOW!

-8 Week Camp
Starts April 4th, 2016


-Nutritional & Supplement Coaching

-Body Fat, BMI, & Performance Testing

-Package Price

Contact Trainer Directly to Sign Up or Ask Questions

Keri Usry 


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