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    • Stationary Bikes
    • Treadmills
  • Personal trainers available for variety of genres & ages
  • Consulting
    • Nutritional
    • Injury Recovery
    • General Fitness
  • Yoga, Zumba, Mat Pilates, Spinning, Barre, Circuit, Boot Camps, Senior Active Classes & More!

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Founded over 10 years ago, and purchased 3 years ago by Rock and Cindy Wood, this is a FRIENDLY Community Gym open to the public. Trainers are available for consulting in nutrition, performance, injury recovery, basic fitness to high performance/competitive athletics, powerlifting and body building. Conventional iron, universals, free weights and cardio equipment. Unconventional tools, kettlebells, clubbells, sandbags, battle ropes, TRX, rings, body weight training...a wide variety to suite all ages (13-Senior). A wide variety of group classes to fit all fitness levels. Comfortable and respectful environment for women and men.
The current owner, Cindy Wood is no stranger to the gym.  Just a few of her accomplishment include earning the Title of "Women's Open Best Lifter" in the Master's Class (all competitors over the age of 40) at the 2010 APA Billy Funk Memorial "All Raw" Powerlifting Championships.  Then, a year later at the 2011 WPA World Championships, Cindy picked up 235 pounds in the deadlift only competition which set a California state record in the 181-pound class of the Master's Division.
Cindy and her husband, Rock, have been actively involved in the weight lifting competitions not only as participants, but also as financiers, coordinators, and organizers.

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